Saturday, July 28, 2012

A dreadful book about the Titanic

Put.  The book. Down.  Now step AWAY from the book.

Listen to me: do not read this book about the Titanic.  It is dreadful.

I am speaking from experience.  I read it.

Why?  I guess I read a review of it somewhere that intrigued me.  I mean, the concept is good:  young woman gets an opportunity to be a craftsperson by getting hired by fashion designer Lady Duff Gordon, who is a passenger on the Titanic.  The young woman survives and begins her career as a dressmaker.

A book about a young artisan, historic fan-fic, focus on work with a bit of romance thrown in.

But it was awful.  Cardboard characters, silly romantic developments, ridiculous plot elements.  I kept thinking it would get better at some point, but it did not.

The worst, though, was the way the author treated the sinking of the ship.  She took no time at all with it, as if all we cared about was whether the main characters would get into lifeboats. Kind of the opposite of Walter Lord.

Oh well.  It got me intrigued to read a better book about the Titanic--that's what led me to Walter Lord's A Night to Remember.

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