Sunday, August 5, 2012

Branson road trip?

In that list of Titanic museums, there was one that's here in the Midwest, far from any ocean.  It's Titanic Branson, just 443 miles (7 hours 58 minutes) away from our house.

Road trip time?

I took a look at the Titanic Branson website--it's pretty, um, impressive.  It includes this promotional video:

I can't tell whether this video makes me want to go, or to flee.

It's a bit over the top.   A Titanic-shaped building, complete with iceberg, "hosts" dressed up as the crew, sloping decks to "test your balance," a lifeboat to climb into . . . you can also rent the facility for a wedding!

And of course, the ubiquitous boarding pass.

This is what the "Education" page of the website says:
The Titanic Museum Attractions want to promote the awareness and knowledge of the world's diverse cultures by recreating actual rooms of the Titanic and by displaying actual objects that bring to life individuals and events that have had a significant impact on human history. It is our desire to present the Titanic story in a historically accurate and reverent manner and to inspire further study and research into this event.

"Promote awareness and knowledge of the world's diverse cultures"?  Really?

The site does have bios of passengers, and I'm sure the "crew" (staff) is probably pretty knowledgeable.  Still, I'm thinking that the main goal of this museum is to make money by appealing to people's fascination with the Titanic's story.

My friend Karen was in Branson last week with her family. She didn't go to the museum, but they drove past it on their way to shows.  She said the main street in Branson is just like the midway at a fair, except you're in a car.  Yeah.

But you know what?  I still want to go!

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