Thursday, August 9, 2012

Titanic tears, a play

Setting:  A coffeehouse in a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood of a small city.  It's Wednesday afternoon, and the coffeehouse is fairly full of people eating, drinking, and chatting.  At one table sits a group of women with knitting needles, yarn, and coffee.  They're talking about, what else, the Titanic.

C:  I love the Titanic movie.  It's a disaster movie, which I love, and it's about the Titanic!  There are a couple of scenes I just have to watch over and over because they're so sad.  First, the band.

K:  The way they come back together as the ship is sinking!

All:  Oh!  Yes!

C:  . . . and the older couple, holding one another . . .

J:  . . . in the bed!

All:  Oooh!  So sad!

C:  . . . and the mother with her two children, telling them about the land they're going to--as the ship is sinking.

All:  O-h-h-h!  So sad!

There are teary eyes and sniffles all around, and everyone takes a sip of coffee.

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