Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Titanic Exhibits everywhere!

My sister sent me a link to a cool Titanic exhibit that's going on in Atlanta.  It's called "Titanic:  The Artifact Exhibit."

It includes some cool things I'd love to check out, including a reconstructed first-class cabin!
There's an "iceberg wall" that visitors can touch to get a sense of how cold the water was. There are tales of people with Georgia or Atlanta connections who were on the ship.  And there are artifacts, stuff that's been brought up from the Titanic site--dishes, bits of trim from the ship, clothing that survived.

It would be cool to travel to various Titanic exhibits around the world.  But I barely need to.

Here in Cedar Rapids, there's not one but TWO Titanic exhibits!  There's the one at Brucemore, that I visited earlier.  And there's one at our History Center--I went there with my husband Bruce yesterday.

The exhibit's theme is "Cedar Rapids in 1912," and it is very small.  Along one wall are Titanic items, and along another, some photos and clothing items from Cedar Rapids at the turn of that century.

The Titanic items included
a model Titanic in a glass case:

Very pretty.  Near it was one of those plans of the ship that one can order online--looks kinda like this:

There were also some Titanic dishes--these were replicas. People seem obsessed with the dishes!

I liked the clothing from the time period that they had on display.
I could see myself wearing that dress--it was made for a smallish person, such as myself.  And Bruce would look fine in the tux.

Of course, when I saw the tux, I thought of the last glimpse Mahala Douglas had of her husband, standing on the deck of the ship in his formal suit, overcoat, and top hat, with a heavy blanket over his arm.

Maybe my sister should come to Cedar Rapids for some Titanic-ing.

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